Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Trending Tuesdays: Nostalgic Toys, Slingshots.

 (image / Christopher Jarrett)

What began as a one-off toy for a friend in 2008 has now turned into a global business.  UK Designer Christpher Jarrett found a Y forked branch from an English wood to make his slingshot, with no intention of making any more.

Murray Moss, an American designer entrepreneur and founder of the design art company Moss contacted Jarrett after hearing of the slingshots requesting one to be made for an edition in his Moss Gallery in New York.

The first edition of 30 slingshots sold out in 10 days and the rest is history.  No two slingshots are the same.  They are hand whittled and shaped, sprayed and finished with a clear gloss lacquer.  All are made in England.  The best thing about this modern slingshot is that it is GPS mapped to it’s original location from where it was found it in the woods.

Yours for £75 / $150 nzd / $139 aud from Percival.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Oak Flooring

It's a gorgeous spring day, the sun is out warming faces and bringing people to the local beach.  The spring in my step today ('scuse the pun) and my morning was spend supping coffee at local roasters Steam Punk while working. 

The cafe has been styled to industrial chic perfection.  Being that it is actually housed in an old warehouse the attention to detail, the exposed natural materials of brick and concrete, the shabby chic cool oozes modern interior trends of the moment.  More on this another time but what caught my eye was the mezzanine level flooring.  The tongue and groove wooden flooring had an imperfect edge.  It zig-zagged out a few inches past the edge of the actual floor before the glass banister creating a textured effect.

This has let me to think about the processes behind oak flooring and this is what I found;

 Find out more here Oak Floors Online


1. Amitoc  |  2. Jangrue  |  3. Homedit  |  4. Nordic Bliss  |  5. Lifes A Moodboard

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Trending Tuesdays: Vintage Rope

Love, love, loving vintage chunky rope objects at the moment.  Not only does the rope add texture but a rustic vibe to an interior.  Add some barnyard charm beside modern cool and the results are fun and relaxing.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Recently Launched: Emma Bridgewater Wallpaper and Fabric Collection

Think of weekends in Britain from the other side of the world and thoughts of a dreamy sunny, Sunday morning in a cream and beige kitchen surround by high walled cornice ceilings, supping cafetiere coffee and reading the novel-like Sunday papers, all come to mind.  Chuck Emma Bridgewater ceramics in the mix and boom, that iconic British style, like no other, may make one pine for the motherland. 

The Emma Bridgewater style is distinctly British.  Her upbeat sponged and transfer-printed china has been enduringly popular throughout time.  Pick up a UK interior magazine in the last 30 years and it would be hard not to see an Emma Bridgewater mug, egg cup or plate on the dresser of a fabulous house tour.

Her recent expansion is a range of wallpaper and fabric, a joint venture with another great British decorating firm, Sanderson.  Emma says; ‘Fabrics and wallpaper seemed a natural step for us, because putting patterns on things is what we’re all about. We thought it would be fun to take our designs out of the kitchen and see how they work all over the house.’

All fabrics are suitable for curtains and upholstery and are printed on natural unbleached cotton.  Prices for the fabric start at £35 / $70 nzd per metre. The dresser wallpaper (below) ref 213650, costs £80 / $160 nzd per metre.  All available from Sanderson.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Trending Tuesday's: Black and White Bunny Prints

New on the Laura Thomas Interior Design Blog, Trending Tuesday's.  Every Tuesday will feature a new must have interior product that is currently trending in the world of design and fashion.

Trending this week:

Black and White Prints from Hammade.  Rabbits, piggys and horses.  Quirky, humorous and affordable.  Prices start from 9 gbp, 18 nz, 15 usd (tea towels).

Friday, 28 March 2014

Small Space, Stockholm Apartment Tour

Happy Friday!  If weekends to you mean a little down time, hanging with the family, coffee, walks and some beach time, enjoy!

I've been obsessing with small spaces recently.  Creativity can come from such small, simple effort.  Thought, good design and colour combined, can suspend belief into thinking a space is bigger than it actually is.

Today's house tour is no exception to the enormous thought process behind creating a small space into a workable, livable home.  This apartment in Stockholm, Sweden has Scandinavian style all over it.  The perfect place to kick those heels off after a long day and rest for the next adventure of big city life. 

(images via

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Dunnock & Teal Wall Stickers

When it comes to a quick fix decorating solution, decal wall stickers are just the ticket.  I've used wall stickers in the past in previous businesses (I used to buy and sell cafes and used decal frames to surround a menu board) and they are not only affordable but give instantaneous colour, humour and fun to an otherwise dull or plain space.

It's always good to back new, up and coming local businesses so when I stumbled upon Dunnock & Teal a children's focused decor company based in small workshop in West Yorkshire, I knew I had found a product that my two very pink girls, would not only love for their bedroom but the stickers were also new and unique.

(image via Dunnock & Teal)

Dunnock & Teal create cute vinyl stickers that have been hand drawn, hand inked and hand painted before being sent to specialist printers who then produce the image as a high quality, removable sticker.

Dunnock and Teal are illustrator Talya Baldwin and designer Mark Rochester.  Both love to be surrounded by felt tips, pots of paint and cups of coffee.  Chuckling while reading their page 'about us' I found it hilarious to know that they often dipped their paint brushes into their coffee by accident.  Proof itself that Talya and Mark are artists that zone out and their minds truly are on the art!

(image via Dunnock & Teal)

Currently on the Dunnock & Teal site is a Thumbelina theme and I can see from their Facebook page that coming soon are accordion playing monkeys and one legged Pirates.  Watch this space..

Dunnock & Teal   |   2 Campden Rd Hebden Bridge West Yorkshire HX7 6BZ   | 

                  (Photography / Laura Thomas)

                                                                      Girls Bedroom

    (Photography / Laura Thomas)

Get the look:

Dunnock & Teal Decal Wall Stickers
IKEA Striped Cushion
Woollen Pink Check Cushion made by me from upcycled New Zealand wool blankets
Paper Pom Poms Ikea Visionar
Chest purchased from local charity shop, distressed white using Dulux Wood Primer Undercoat